SWP BRZ mountain road

The BRZ and FR-S don’t need more power

A recently published report says that sales of the GT86 have been disappointing in Europe. According to Toyota’s European Vice President of Research and Development, Gerald Killman, this is what’s holding back the evolution of the GT86 and FR-S in the States. Jalopnik editor, Doug Demuro, thinks the only way for the car to sell better is to give it more… Read more →

Andrew Bird - I Want to See Pulaski at Night

Record Review: Andrew Bird – ‘I Want to See Pulaski at Night’

If you like Andrew Bird’s music, you’re going to love I Want to See Pulaski at Night. The latest EP from Bird is a beautifully structured mini-album filled with swooning violin riffs and endless loops. The opening track, “Ethio Invention no. 1″ sounds like there’s a whole orchestra behind him but if you know Bird, you’ll know it’s just him with… Read more →

LEGO Technic 42011 Race Car header

Review: LEGO Technic 42011 ‘Race Car’

To celebrate the opening weekend of The LEGO Movie, I am reviewing a LEGO set I recently picked up. Everyone’s familiar with the more traditional mini-figure and block LEGO sets but the LEGO Technic line of models provides a different, more active experience. What I mean by active is that this model moves! The LEGO Technic 42011 “Race Car” features a… Read more →

Project CARS header

Opinion: There are no great PC racing games

After I built a kick-ass gaming PC last year, I vowed never to go back to a console again but one genre of games has given me second thoughts: racing simulators. While there are plenty of PC racing games, they just don’t appeal to me. You have your hyper-simulators like Simraceway to your arcade racers like Need for Speed: Rivals but neither… Read more →

break it yourself cover

Review: Andrew Bird – ‘Break It Yourself’ Deluxe Vinyl Box Set (896/1000)

I am a lucky man to possess this box set. Only 1000 people got their hands on this amazing package of music, stationary, and other goodies. I have to thank my girlfriend, Anne, for picking this up for me for our five year anniversary. So what comes in the package? Two 180g LPs pressed perfectly and dead center (I can’t… Read more →

Change in scoring

Holy crap I’ve done it again. I’ve neglected updating this blog with new record reviews but I’ve realized why. Every time I’m ready to review a record, I’m overcome with a sense of dread about giving the “Music” part of the review a rating. It’s nerve wracking to be a music critic since no matter what you write, there’s someone… Read more →

record store day 2013

Record Store Day 2013

Today is the annual Record Store Day, a day and event that brings exclusive albums, singles, and more. It’s a great way to show your support for your local record store so get out there and buy some records! The list of exclusives is long but Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals by The Dave Brubek Trio, HWUL Raw Cuts, Vol. 2 by Gary Clark… Read more →

The 20/20 Experience vinyl cover art

Review: Justin Timberlake – ‘The 20/20 Experience’ vinyl

After a seven year hiatus, Justin Timberlake finally released a new album, The 20/20 Experience. He must have heard the cries after a PSA pleaded him to make music again. With such a gap in between albums, there is more hype about The 20/20 Experience than any other recent album release in recent memory, although the new Daft Punk album may give it… Read more →

AMOK album art

Review: Atoms for Peace – ‘AMOK’ vinyl [XLLP583]

Atoms for Peace is an experimental electronic/rock group comprised of super-star musicians. Radiohead’s Thom Yorke heads the band with vocals, guitar, and piano. Other members of Atoms for Peace include Flea (bassist for the Read Hot Chili Peppers), Nigel Godrich (Radiohead producer), Joey Waronker (drummer for Beck and R.E.M.), and Mauro Refosco (Brazilian percussionist). There was a lot of hype leading… Read more →

Unboxing the Schiit Magni

Look what just arrived at the office! The Schiit Magni will be part of my work audio setup as it’s the perfect size and powerful enough to drive just about any dynamic headphone. It will work perfectly with my AKG K550. I had been using my Grado RA-1 for the past year at work but that amp ate 9V batteries… Read more →

priscilla ahn a good day vinyl

I’m back

Boy, has it been a long time. As you’ve probably noticed, the last update I’ve had on this blog was almost 10 months ago! Why? Well, starting a new job is pretty stressful, plus, I’ve been preoccupied with building a PC for the past couple of months. Plus, being a tech editor makes you burnt out after a long day… Read more →