Subaru sales growth compared

How Subaru became the Apple of car manufacturers

Subaru is killing it. Demand for Subarus is skyrocketing and the company is struggling to meet demand. The automaker’s plants are at full capacity and its dealerships are asking for more inventory. According to Bloomberg, Subaru’s profit margins are 9%, besting Toyota (8%) and BMW (7.2%). For a small automaker, that number is incredible. But Subaru hasn’t always been successful…. Read more →

neko atsume gather the cats

The mystery of Asian apps that went viral

There’s an interesting phenomenon that I noticed recently. Unlocalized Asian apps have been going viral in the United States. Users are curious enough about the apps that they’re poking around blindly to figure out how things work. A few weeks ago, we saw the Chinese-made MyIdol take the US by storm. The app let users take a selfie and superimposed… Read more →