lg g watch android wear nato strap

Watch straps for the LG G Watch

The LG G Watch is far from beautiful. The watch is a sea of cheap feeling plastic and paired with a generic looking square face, it doesn’t really stand out. Thankfully, it’s possible to change out the stock gray rubber strap. I had a bunch of 22mm watch straps laying around and decided to experiment with them to see what… Read more →

mr carmack aka aaron carmack

Music Spotlight: mr. carmack

When I’m working, I can’t listen to music with lyrics because it’s distracting. Electronic, beats, and trap music are perfect for getting me through the day and that’s how I stumbled upon mr. carmack. Aaron Carmack is a Honolulu-based DJ and producer with four full-length albums that are all very good. His beats vary from deep trap to soothing melodic wanderings…. Read more →

Subaru BRZ SF Ocean Beach

How I ended up with a Subaru BRZ

I purchased my Subaru BRZ back in August of 2013 and I haven’t written much about it. I’ve been driving it so much I haven’t had the time to put my thoughts down about the car. After ten months of ownership, I can say I’m still as in love with the car as I was the when I drove it… Read more →