1st Rain of the Season

That is indeed rain drops on my window. It has finally rained here in Irvine, California. As I was walking to dinner, I felt a few drops of water falling and thought to myself, “This might be the extent to which it rains here…” I saw my hall mates and had dinner with them. By the time we were done, we walked outside for a shocker. It was POURING. I haven’t seen it rain that hard for a long time and I was excited. A little too excited since I said, “It’s about time we got some !@#$#%# rain around here!” and proceeded to walk into the torrential downpour without putting up my hood. The water felt refreshing on my skin and surprisingly warm as each droplet embraced my skin. I look back at my hall mates who were all huddled under the awning, deliberating whehter to walk into the rain or wait until it settled down a bit. I wasn’t about to wait for them so I went for a little stroll in the rain, smelling the rejuvinated earth, tasting the sweet rain, and listening to the pitter-patter of the drops meeting the ground. Everyone was scrambling to find shelter in their rooms. After I had taken in enough of the scenery, I headed back to the dorm, stripped off my soaking wet clothes and took a hot shower for God knows how long.

Taking a walk in the rain and taking a hot shower right afterwards and bundling up is one of the best feelings in the world. For that hour, that minute, that second, I was happy.

I was content.

And just for fun:

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