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Lewis LeongCar enthusiast, writer and audio nerd. You’ll find all my writing for the things I love on this blog.

I’ve written for IGN, TechRadar, and Softonic.com. I also worked as the Head of Content at Crowdtoolz, a crowdfunding marketing agency, helping to develop content strategies, research, and write whitepapers.

Please send inquires to lewis@lewisleong.com.

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hey Bud…Been a while. I love the fact that you are pursuing the Tech/Rant blog. You put up quite the detailed review of Null Audio Cable…if only Engadget, Gizmodo, and Ars Technica could take the same approach with their reviews. I hope life and all else is well…Oh and give Anne A big kiss for me (a hug will also be sufficient) and ask her to send me a sandwich (I got hungry writing this). Miss you sweetheart!

  2. Hi Lewis,

    I’m Jo Membery on MacFormat magazine. I’m just repurposing a review you did for TechRadar on the Bose SoundLink Revolve speaker.

    Part of the copy refers to a tripod mount:
    “On the bottom of the speaker you’ll find four pins for an optional charging dock and a threaded tripod mount. It’s disappointing that Bose didn’t throw in the $30 charging dock for free like it does with the slightly cheaper SoundLink Mini II ($180). While it might seem odd to have a tripod mount, it offers flexibility for mounting the Revolve in your home. Bose also lets you pair two Revolve speakers to use for stereo or amplification.”

    However, I can’t see a tripod mount in the accessories section on the US or UK website. I can see that the speaker has a threaded tripod mount at the bottom but I can’t see a tripod mount sold by Bose… Can you send me a link to the mount/provide a UK price?

    Hope you can help…

    Jo Membery

    1. The mention about the tripod mount is simply about the threaded mount at the base of the speaker. I didn’t say Bose sold a tripod mount.

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