Altered Perspective

Today in my International Journalism class, we had a report about the current events in Africa which changed my perspective about the whole continent. The one thing that struck me the hardest was the situation in Sudan and Uganda where children are being abducted and brain washed into becoming ruthless, killing machines. They are forced to kill people or be killed. They are desensitized to violence and death and actually become sick if they do not see blood and violence.

So I urge you all to take an hour out of your time and watch this documentary. It is titled “Invisible Children” and they have a website where you can donate money to help.

I cried after watching this documentary and most of you know that it takes a lot for me to cry during a film.

Please raise awareness not just about the war in Sudan and Uganda but also about Darfur and the whole messed up situation that Africans have to face alone.

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