Amazon FTW

Lately I’ve been handing over my money (willingly) to It is just so easy and convenient to download digital music. I didn’t believe that the compact disc was a dying medium but now I see why it just might be fazed out in the next few years. Yet, there is still something romantic about owning something physical, flipping through the booklet, reading the artist’s notes and thanks, perhaps showing your kids one day about how music was once distributed. There has been a resurgence of vinyl though, which I need to check out myself and finally put to use my dad’s dusty turn table.

I am glad that Amazon came along and gave the music industry a chance to redeem itself. DRM is on its deathbed and that is excellent for the consumer. Video, on the other hand, has got a lot to learn from the mistakes of the music industry, which they are promptly ignoring. DRM is still a major hinderance in people’s lives, preventing them from doing what they want with the media they paid for. I dream of a day where I can rip my DVDs and back them up for safe keeping or to watch it on a portable device but that is going to take a long time. The MPAA is too afraid and in their conservative mindset to think about how media and technology has changed over the years. To them, they would charge you every time you watched a movie or watched it with someone else. Slowly but surely, all forms DRM will die.

I hope…

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