Android App Review: Astro

I finally installed the Android SDK on my computer so I can now provide screenshots of the applications that I review. Today’s pick: Astro. Astro is a file manager for Android that is very full featured and powerful. On the face of it, Astro seems like any other file manager but when you dig deeper, you can see that it has a few cool features.

The first cool feature that I want to highlight is that Astro can now backup your applications on to the FAT32 partition of your microSD card. This is really handy especially if you want to swap out your current microSD card and put in a new, larger/faster card. This feature has saved my life a few times. If you do not have any network connection but need to redownload an application, you can use Astro to restore the app instead. This saved my butt when Google Voice updated and stopped working with Cyanogen’s Mod. I quickly restored the old version of Google Voice until Cyanogen was able to push out a new release of his ROM.

Another cool feature is the ability to monitor what processes and services go on in the background. Though this feature maybe too nerdy for most users, the power user can certainly appreciate it.

The last feature of Astro is its ability to monitor the available space on your SD card and to tell you which folders are taking up the most space. This is especially useful if you have a small microSD card and need to manage space. As you can see, my “nanroid” backup folder is huge, telling me that I should probably delete some backups.

I highly recommend Astro if you need a good, full featured file manager on your Android device. It is even more useful if you like to test out experimental ROMs like I do so that you can restore your apps just in case something goes wrong.

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