Apple Sheds DRM (Partially)

Today Apple Inc. released iTunes 7.2 with DRM free music from major record label, EMI. This is a HUGE step for DRM free music because iTunes has such large market share in the digital music business. So being as excited as I was, I just had to download an album to see what’s what. I browsed through the very limited (for now) library of “iTunes Plus” albums that they had. I eventually settled on Air’s album, Moon Safari (only $9.99, probably not for long) because that was the only Air album I didn’t have. So I click purchase.


Waited some more…

Then I get a “timed out” pop-up. Ok…I’ll try again

Here we go.


Timed out again?? *grrr*

ONE more time.


After that initial skirmish with iTunes Plus, things worked out well. Everything downloaded swiftly and I had Moon Safari in 256 kpbs AAC tracks. I immediately tried to convert the files but appearantly, my settings were reverted to default AAC encoding. I changed it to MP3 (192 kbps) and everything converted flawlessly. Now I can listen to iTunes purchased tunes on my Zen Vision: M!!

This is one small step for Apple and one giant leap for the music industry. (Warner’s probably freaking out right now.)

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