Apple’s Relentless Safari Push (UPDATED)

UPDATE: So I upgraded to Vista today and had to reinstall some software and I noticed there was a change in the Apple Software Updater. When I brought up the program, I expect it to try and pimp Safari, Quicktime, and iTunes but to my surprise, it didn’t. I thought, “Maybe Apple finally listened.

I ran the updater a second time and there those programs were again. *sigh* I wanted to believe, Apple. I wanted to believe that you would listen to us but you have disappointed me once again. In Apple’s defense, they did do something about the uproar of people complaining about Safari being in the updater by moving Safari to a section called “New Software” instead of just including it surreptitiously in the main updates themselves. This is what they should have done in the first place instead of trying to play sleazeball corporation. Think Different? Hardly.

I reinstalled Windows on my MacBook last night and this morning, I woke up to find that Apple Software Update prompted me to “update” iTunes, Quicktime, and Safari, all of which I did not install on my computer. The Safari “forced” update has caught a significant amount of bad press of late because of the fact that they didn’t push Safari before. iTunes and Quicktime are, by my definition, are also forced updates because, as I previously mentioned, I did not have iTunes, Quicktime, or Safari installed on my computer but they showed up on the Apple Software Updater. I am equally peeved, though not necessarly angry, at Apple for doing this. I know they want to push their products but tricking people into installing it is a little immoral, in my opinion. Apple should suggest or recommend their software but it shouldn’t be part if the updater. It seems that Apple’s PR department hasn’t caught wind of the discontent of the bloggosphere because this story is pretty old and yet they have done nothing to resolve it. As of now, I have unchecked the Safari box out of contempt. I love me some Firefox 3 Beta 5.

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