So I finally saw Atonement over the weekend and I enjoyed it very much, though it left me depressed for a few hours afterward.  The casting was great and I especially enjoyed the performance of James McAvoy.  Romola Garai also gave an excellent performance.  I was very emotionally invested in all the characters which is necessary for  a good movie.  The ending was a bit of a shock to me but the pieces fit as they did after I watched The Sixth Sense.  The thing I liked most about Atonement was the score.  The score is beautiful and I can definitely hear the influence of Rachmaninoff and Debussy.  In my opinion, the score made the movie.  It gave it rhythm, motion, and augmented the emotions of the characters.  The soundtrack is now one of my favorites, including the scores to Pan’s Labrynth and A Beautiful Mind.  

If you haven’t seen Atonement, you should definitely check it out.  It’s been nominated for a bunch of awards.

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