My Bad…

"A host associated with your UCInetID recently consumed a large amount of bandwidth on the UCInet Mobile wireless network. The host transfered approximately 5.5 GB on Saturday and another 6.5 GB of data yesterday. When using the UCInet network, remember that there is a 1 GB daily limit on campus bandwidth for personal use. If… Continue reading My Bad…

HTML Guru Needed!

Does anyone know how to get a 1px border around the text in the title of my blog? As you can see, it's white on white which makes it really difficult to read. Anyone who can help me out, please leave a comment and I will be eternally grateful.

Psystar: The Epitome of Shady (Updated)


Reports from Engadget and Gizmodo revealed that Psystar has changed their address at least four times since The Guardian started investigating the company. More importantly, Engadget reports that the OSx86 Project has had their code for the EFI emulator used without their permission. I hold the OSx86 Project close to my heart because they helped… Continue reading Psystar: The Epitome of Shady (Updated)


What is with the American obsession with the Modern Language Association of America's style of formatting a paper? Do other countries have something similar to the MLA format where a paper is not taken seriously if it is not in a certain format? To my surprise, some professors will not even look at your paper… Continue reading MLA