In Rainbows

2008 has started off with a slap to the music industry's face because of the release of Radiohead's highly anticiapted album, In Rainbows. This album did not only receive massive amounts of hype because Radiohead had not releases an album in years but also because the method of distribution that they chose: instead of relinquishing… Continue reading In Rainbows


Since my switch to a Mac, I've been looking for a good web browser. I am an avid Firefox user for Windows but Firefox seems to be really buggy and laggy on the Mac for some mysterious reason. I tried using Camino but it felt like a beta and there were a lot of features… Continue reading Flock

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Mabook/Macbook Pro Keyboard Updates

Apple released a software update for their Macbook and Macbook Pros because customers have been experiencing problems with the sensitivity of the keyboards.  I myself have experienced this annoyance.  The first time I tried typing on my Macbook, I complained about how "squishy" and unresponsive the keyboard felt but I'm happy to report that the… Continue reading Mabook/Macbook Pro Keyboard Updates

For Aunt AmyWhite walls walk pastBlank, slows for no oneHissing of machineryLife for those withoutThe mother's instinctAll hearts sinkWaiting for a signWake up. Wake up.The eyes of innocentDry as desertFail to comprehendWake up. Wake up.Men with puddles for eyesGrasp, biting, holdingAnything but hope.What's the point?Caressed by fragile handsRealizing the GiverWe all let goFor her to… Continue reading