Review: iBasso D-Zero portable DAC and amp

Based in Shenzhen, China, iBasso has quickly become an audio company to watch out for.  Their fast iteration of products has shown that iBasso has the engineering talent to pump out new products every few months while keeping their prices insanely low. While the original iBasso products were nothing to write home about, they were loved… Continue reading Review: iBasso D-Zero portable DAC and amp

My pride and joy: Technics SL-1200M3D

I just wanted to show off some "glamour" shots of my turntable. It maybe considered a DJ deck but it sure sounds sweet. I replaced the stock slip mat with a Herbie's Way Exellent Mat II and am using Herbie's SuperSonic Record Stabilizer too. I highly recommend the combo as it has gotten rid of… Continue reading My pride and joy: Technics SL-1200M3D

Review: Null Audio Studio Lune Cable

Buying Experience: After perusing Head-fi for months, I finally decided to order from Null Audio Studios even though there wasn't too many reviews on the cable, the feedback that I gathered is that the cable is definitely worth the upgrade. I browsed the website for a couple of days before deciding to pull the trigger… Continue reading Review: Null Audio Studio Lune Cable

Google Censoring Torrent Searches

A few days ago, Google began censoring search results with the word "torrent" in the query. Although this is only for their auto-complete and Google Instant searches, it shows something more disturbing. Why would Google block searches on torrents? Their business model is built on selling ads on search results pages so Google has no incentive to… Continue reading Google Censoring Torrent Searches

Top 10 Mac Apps of 2010

Below is a list of the applications that got me through 2010. Some are oldies that have gotten even better and some I have discovered this year. These are the top ten Macintosh applications that I cannot live without. Be sure to tell us what applications are in your top ten! Click to continue reading.… Continue reading Top 10 Mac Apps of 2010

Alternative to GrowlMail

Every time Apple releases an OS update, GrowlMail breaks. It's been weeks since Mail 4.4 was released but GrowlMail has yet to be updated to work with the new version. I began poking around the Internets for an alternative and I found a pretty clever work around over at that I want to share.… Continue reading Alternative to GrowlMail

Republish: The Music Of His Life

*This is another article I wrote for my journalism class that I never had the chance to publish.  I really enjoyed interviewing Professor Joseph Huszti because he reminded of how much I loved music and playing the piano.  He is one of the most charismatic people that I have had the pleasure of interviewing.  Originally… Continue reading Republish: The Music Of His Life