Best Sub-$60 Earbuds EVER

I did my laundry today and when I got my hoodie out of the dryer, I felt something in the pocket. I took it out and it was my pair of Sennheiser CX300 earbuds. I was PISSED at myself for letting something so stupid happen to my favorite pair of earbuds. I thought they were dead for sure but when I plugged them into my iPod Touch, everything sounded perfect. These earbuds refuse to die! I have had them for a year an a half and they have been through hell. I put them in my backpack, sleep with them on, squish them underneath my piles of crap and use them every day. I am very impressed with the build on these Sennheisers especially since the chord is so thin but the silicone protecting the wire is tough as steel. Well perhaps not as tough as steel but it put up with my abuse.

Best $58 dollars ever spent.

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