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Let me elaborate on that comment. So I had a little scuffle with the curb with my Civic last night. Yes, I’m a dick. I know. So anyway, the hubcap was all scratched up and left me in a foul mood. My car is so new and I just couldn’t bear looking at her with that degree of imperfection. I decided to go down to the local Honda dealership today and inquired how much ONE hubcab would cost me.

I looked on as the man behind the desk fiddled on the computer, looking for the part. His expression changed, frowning at something on the computer screen. After a couple more seconds he tells me it would cost $120 FOR ONE HUBCAP.

$120 for a piece of painted plastic! WHAT THE HELL.

I told the kind man that it was ridiculous and drove home steaming. Pissed off, I Googled the part and found it on several stores for $35. I hastily ordered one and that’s the end of that. Free shipping two due to arrive on Thursday.

Suck on that, Honda.

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