My pride and joy: Technics SL-1200M3D

I just wanted to show off some "glamour" shots of my turntable. It maybe considered a DJ deck but it sure sounds sweet. I replaced the stock slip mat with a Herbie's Way Exellent Mat II and am using Herbie's SuperSonic Record Stabilizer too. I highly recommend the combo as it has gotten rid of… Continue reading My pride and joy: Technics SL-1200M3D

In Rainbows

2008 has started off with a slap to the music industry's face because of the release of Radiohead's highly anticiapted album, In Rainbows. This album did not only receive massive amounts of hype because Radiohead had not releases an album in years but also because the method of distribution that they chose: instead of relinquishing… Continue reading In Rainbows

I might just kill myself. Ok maybe not. But still. Why do kids today buy into the rubbish on Disney Channel? Disney has degraded the quality of shows for a while now and most of the shows are complete crap and don't teach kids anything. What happened to all the wholesome shows I grew up… Continue reading