Google has lost its way with personalized results

google personalized results

Last week, Google silently rolled out a new feature for their search¬†algorithm called "Search, plus Your World," with an emphasis on the "plus." What Google has managed to do is to give their own service, Google +, more clout than any other social network within their search results. With this strategic move, Google has lost… Continue reading Google has lost its way with personalized results

Headphone lust: Sennheiser HD 700

Sennheiser HD 700 audiophile headphone

Image source: Sennheiser USA Sennheiser announced their new audiophile headphone, the HD 700 at CES today. This headphone will fill the gap between the $1,500 HD 800 flagship and the now dated HD 650 headphones. They feature 40mm dynamic drivers with a "Duoflo transducer." It also has a very impressive 10 to 42,000 Hz frequency… Continue reading Headphone lust: Sennheiser HD 700

Psystar: The Epitome of Shady (Updated)


Reports from Engadget and Gizmodo revealed that Psystar has changed their address at least four times since The Guardian started investigating the company. More importantly, Engadget reports that the OSx86 Project has had their code for the EFI emulator used without their permission. I hold the OSx86 Project close to my heart because they helped… Continue reading Psystar: The Epitome of Shady (Updated)


I know the Virginia Tech story has been all over the news and everything but I just can't grasp how someone could bring two hand guns and just unload clip after clip of ammunition into innocent people. And I can't believe the administration did not shut down the school after the first attack. I think… Continue reading Jaded