iRiver Clix with Cradle Dock Review Written by Lewis Leong  Packaging iRiver does a good job with their packaging by making it simple and clean, probably taking note of Apple’s packaging strategy, though not as refined.  All the included accessories are placed in clearly labeled paper boxes making it simple and easy to find what… Continue reading

The Plunge

After a couple months of pain-staking research, I finally settled on what laptop I wanted. And I bought it. I am sexcited to say the least. Here's a break down of some of its specs:Intel® Core™ Duo Proc T2400 (1.83GHz/667MHz/2 X 1MB L2 Cache)Genuine Windows® XP Media Center 200517 inch Wide Screen XGA+ Display2GB Shared… Continue reading The Plunge

LOL! It's funny how the people lobbying against net neutrality know how the internet works.I'm not sure how I feel about net neutrality right now. I need to get a better understanding of it before reaching a conclusion. Prioritize of packets was never new but if net neutrality was to be defeated, then the telcos… Continue reading

Creative Zen Vision: M Review By Lewis Leong Intro In today’s society the MP3 player has become embedded into our daily lives and there is no shortage in choices of MP3 players. But why is it that so many companies produce great MP3 players while only one holds a majority of the market share? Apple… Continue reading