My Bad…

"A host associated with your UCInetID recently consumed a large amount of bandwidth on the UCInet Mobile wireless network. The host transfered approximately 5.5 GB on Saturday and another 6.5 GB of data yesterday. When using the UCInet network, remember that there is a 1 GB daily limit on campus bandwidth for personal use. If… Continue reading My Bad…

HTML Guru Needed!

Does anyone know how to get a 1px border around the text in the title of my blog? As you can see, it's white on white which makes it really difficult to read. Anyone who can help me out, please leave a comment and I will be eternally grateful.


I've been in the private beta for for a while and I like it. The interface is a little heavy on the Flash but it works alright. Hulu went out of private beta last week so everyone's invited to check it out. This is exciting because it shows that TV studios are showing that… Continue reading Hulu

My MacBook runs hotter than the bowels of Hell.  That's the pay off for having such a thin laptop.  I can't even imagine how bad it must be with a MacBook Pro.