China’s Katrina

Is the earthquake in China going to be China’s Katrina? New Orleans is still in shambles three years after Hurricane Katrina passed. How is it possible that the wealthiest country in the world cannot repair one of it’s numerous cities in shambles three years after the destruction occurred? From what I observed, people have forgotten about the destruction in New Orleans and especially the media. In China, the government wants the media to forget about the destruction, censoring journalists reporting on the situation in Sichuan Province. The government explicitly told Chinese journalists to stop reporting on the earthquake. I know China wants to keep face but China has to realize that it is under a very bright spotlight right now. Everything that the government does will be closely scrutinized. There is only so much you can censor.

China’s people are past the point of hope that their government will help them and are now driven to anger. The New York Times reported today that parents who lost their children in a colapsed school went to the school’s remains to mourn and protest the government’s lack of response in trying to rescue their children. They berrated the government for building schools that seem fundamentally weaker than other buildings because other buildings remained standing after the earthquake while many schools collapsed.

The Washington Post is covering the disaster in China. Watch some of the video documentary as it will surely send tingles down your spine. The cries of agony of mothers for their lost children is heart-wrenching and shakes me to the core. It is the same cry that I remember hearing at my great-grandma and both of my grand father’s funerals.

I beg the media to keep China and Myanmar under the burning spotlight and not to let their governments get away with not helping the survivors and the devistating earthquake. Do not let the earthquake turn into China’s Katrina.

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