Chinese vs. Japanese (not about WWII)

Tonight I had the most delicious Japanese cuisine. If orgasms came in the form of food, this would be it. Too graphic? Good. The service was excellent, the presentation was impeccable, and did I mention the food was orgasmic? It is so weird how different Chinese and Japanese cultures are and these differences can be observed just by sitting down in a restaurant.

In a Japanese restaurant you are greeted with, “How many people will be in your party this evening?”

In a Chinese restaurant you are greeted with, HOW MANY?!”

In a Japanese restaurant the waiters continually top off your glass of water while holding a cloth in the other hand to shield you from any splash that might occur.

In a Chinese restaurant the waiter plops down a tea pot with a slightly irritated facial expression and hurries back into the kitchen shouting obscenities.

When you find a dirty plate in a Japanese restaurant and ask to exchange it for a clean one, the waiter shows extreme embarrassment and apologies continuously until you have the overwhelming urge to give them a hug and let them know it’s ok.

When you find a dirty plate in a Chinese restaurant, the waiter argues that it is clean and grumply hands you a new one.

That is just the beginning of the differences. I admit that being Chinese lends me to be more critical because I have spent so much more time around them. I just found that Japanese restaurants are generally a more pleasant place to dine. I am just irritated by the lack of manners observed at most Chinese restaurants. I am especially irritated when they give you the check in the middle of the meal, hinting that they want you to leave because you’re taking up valuable table space.

One thing that Chinese cuisine one-ups Japanese cuisine is the price. Chinese food is dirt cheap and the cliche, “You get what you pay for” applies to this. The service is shit but the food is awesome. Japanese food is awesome and the service is to die for but you pay for all of that. Tonight my family of four and my cousin’s family of five dined together and we probably ordered over three hundred dollars worth of food.

There was so much good food. I wanted to try it all but sadly my stomach was not voluminous enough. I had green tea ice cream for the first time and fell in love. The sashimi was hella good too. They also had this dish named the “Governator” and in the description it read, “…with a steroid sauce.” Of course they were joking about having steroids in their sauce. I just found the name of the platter hilarious.

The presentation of all the food was excellent. Everything was all need and looked delicious. That is until I poked my chopsticks into the platter, making a horrible mess. I wish I took some pictures with my phone or something but I always feel awkward taking pictures of stuff at restaurants because the regulars will be like, “Look at that n00b over there. He’s hella going to get pwned by that hot sauce.”

At the end of the meal, the owner of the restaurant comes over to our table and asks how many of the “young ones” are under the age of 20. I didn’t know why she wanted to know but she walked away and came back with boxes of candy for my cousins, my sister, and me. COOL! The boxes of candy even had little temporary tatooes in them. I got one with two hearts with and arrow going through them. Very biker-eqsue. My uncle said he was under 20 when the owner of the restaurant asked and she laughed and gave him a playful smack on his bicep. Very friendly service. The adults got little shots of plum wine, which my dad never had before but enjoyed very much. My dad even left happy and full which is, quite frankly, odd but his happiness could have been attributed to the fact that his sister paid for the entire meal feast. I enjoyed every part of that meal. So much that I even decided to blog about it, as you can see.

(BTW, the restaurant was called Kamakura. It’s located in Alameda. )

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