College Livin’

Introducing my room mate, Nadav, in a very compromising position.

This is what happens when there aren’t any women around. Blame Nadav. It’s his side.

My natural disasters class lecture. There are about 200-300 kids in my class.

My only SOTA buddy, Brendan.

The Newport sunset. I thought The O.C. was fictional, but oh was I wrong. This beach resembles the place where Marissa goes to brood. The fact that The O.C. is so real is probably why all the teens in Socal watch it religiously. Is this a good or bad thing? I’ll leave it to you to decide. I already have.

The sand is CLEAN. The bathrooms are CLEAN. Even the trash cans are CLEAN. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?? I DON’T UNDERSTAND! Where are the used syringes? Where are the intoxicated homeless men? Where the overpowering smell of sea-crap and urine??

There were some sea lions calling on the dock. It reminded me of Fisherman’s Wharf. I miss SF.

Bonfire. I had a little too much fun with the lighter fluid.

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