Customer Service

I irritates me to death how some organizations have rude customer service representatives. It irritates me more when they have all the power to screw you over. For example, UCI. They have the poorest customer service I have EVER encountered. One time my mom called them to ask if they could provide us with a little more aid because our budget was already tight with my sister’s 40k tuition. They put her on hold for half an hour and when my mom finally got through, she asked if we could receive a little more aid because other UCs had offered us a little more than Irvine had. The representative responded, “Well if you are not satisfied with our aid, then maybe your son should attend another UC.”


The other day, I received an e-mail, saying that I never turned in my AP scores but the fact of the matter was that I requested them to be sent at the time of the AP exams. So called up the office wondering what the deal was. After being on hold for God knows how long, I got through to a rep that told me what AP scores I was missing. I was already upset over this situation and said how unfair it was for me to dish out 25 dollars for an additional report when I already requested them to be sent. The rep got snippy with me and told me that if I had a complaint, I should complain to the College Board because UCI is just a recipient. OK, I agree that UCI is just the recipient but the rep did not have to be rude about it. She should have said something along the lines of, “Well seeing as UCI is just the recipient and is not charging you for the grade report, maybe you could contact the College Board and see if they can reimburse you for their error.”

I feel helpless complaining to anyone at UCI because they control my admissions and basically my future so I can say anything to offend them. Still, that is no excuse to be rude to your students who are PAYING you an OBSCENE amount of money.

So to all the rude customer service representatives out there,


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