Dell XPS M1730

News about the new XPS M1730 have been surfacing slowly and the more information that is revealed, the more I want it. Today Engadget reported that the new XPS will have TWO Nvidia GeForce GO 8700M GTs in a scalable link interface. This this will make any game look amazing and hopefully won’t get Bioshocked. Besides the kinda ugly paint job, It looks pretty sick with that back lit keyboard. I know, I know, the MacBook Pro has had it for ages but this is a first for Dell. I hope to see them incorporate it in more of their notebooks.

Another neat thing the XPS has is a little monochrome LCD display that displays system information or whatever you program it to such as the time. This is very useful when playing games full screen as you can’t see the system time.

With all this performance, the XPS M1730 will probably cost a pretty penny as well. Knowing Dell, it’ll probably have a starting price at around $3,000 and can get up to $6,000.

*Starts counting pennies*
*Realizes that he still doesn’t have enough*
*Goes down to bank to take out a loan*

*Images courtesy of Engadget*

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