Endless Summer

After coming home from my first year of college, I found myself disillusioned. I did not realize until now how privileged college students are. We are essentially encased in a bubble of intelligence and opportunity (supposedly.) College students are paying insane amounts of money for a piece of paper that will or will not help us in the future. There’s a statistic floating around the tubes of the internets that say that 40% of people get jobs that have nothing to do with what they majored in college. It is all futile and pointless then? Of course not. What most people forget is that college is not just an opportunity to expand horizons but it is also a chance to grow as a person. Some people forget that second part and become impossibly successful but at the end of the day they realize that they have no one to share it with. There needs to be a balance between doing well academically and experiencing everything else.

I’ve also realized what my parents have been through to put me through college. We’ve taken loans left and right and we’re barely making ends meet. To try and help with the costs, I’ve been trying to look for a summer job the minute I got back but to no avail. I am desperate for a job and really don’t care what I do as long as I can make some money and feel that I am at least contributing to the family. Still, no one wants to hire me.

And I know why.

I’ve got limited work experience and many other kids my age are more qualified because they’ve been working for years. I do not blame anyone for this but it is unfortunate because the longer I go unemployed, the less chances I will have to be hired in the future because of the lack of work experience. I just need my break. A break from the impending circle of failure.

I miss college already.

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