So today I had to go down to UCI to get academic advising before I can register for classes.  Since the advising was only from 3-5 pm, I was left to my own devices the rest of the day.  This was the first time I flew by myself and basically acted like an adult.  Pretty amazing, I know. 

The day started off with me waking up at 4:00am.  Needless to say, I felt like a piece of shit but little did I know, I would feel like more of a piece of shit at the end of the day.  Since my dad’s work starts this early in the morning as well, he dropped me off at OAK.  I was expecting check-in lines to be astronomically long because of the recent terrorist activity so I went to the airport with plenty of time to spare.  To my surprise, the lines went by briskly and the computer check-in for Alaska was simple to use, even for first time flyer and ‘tard like me. 

Let me just say that OAK is hella janky and the food selection is deplorable.  I was hungry as fuck so I picked up an “Apple Sausage and Egg” burrito.  It sounded appetizing enough.

It wasn’t. 

I ended up picking out the sausage because it was really salty and I could feel the oil oozing out of it, onto my tongue.  It was quite the disgusting.  So then I sat around and chilled out with some music while trying to stay conscious so I wouldn’t miss my flight.  Eventually, I got on the plane and I got the window seat I requested.

When we started the take off procedure, we were all forced to turn off all electronic devices so I was left to stare out the window and study the mechanics behind the shitty 737 I was imprisoned in for the next hour or so.  I have no idea how my MP3 player could cause any sort of interference with the electronics of the plane but I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

I was impressed with the amount of thrust the jet engines produced.  There was a constant and linear acceleration that threw everyone back in their seats.  That is always the highlight of the flight, I believe.  I was surprised at how loud the cabin was from the roaring wind and whirl of the jet turbines. Luckily I had my noise isolating headphones with me and everything/everyone was muted.  I was also surprised at how sluggish the elevators on the plane’s wings were too.  I guess only jet fighters are meant to be agile but I digress.

I arrived at SNA in Orange County and was surprised at how nice the airport was compared to OAK.  The walls and columns were made of marble and there were tasteful bits of glass placed around to give it a contemporary and high class look. 

I took a cab to UCI and decided to take a nap in the library because I was exhausted.  Once I got settled, I passed the fuck out and woke up having to pee really badly.  By the way, the UCI library is uninspiring.  Everything feels, looks, and even smells old.  I did not find it a pleasant place to sleep or read in.  I wish they would have a library that’s contemporary like the SF Main Library. 

I am very envious of UCSD’s library.  Don’t talk shit about SD’s library.  Yeah, I’m talking to you, Allyson.

While waiting for my advising session to start, I wandered the campus and ended up in the University Mall or Shopping Center or whatever they call it.  Their food selection was…quite poor to be honest and their “Chinese food” wasn’t Chinese food.  I ended up eating at a pizza parlor.  $2.75 for a slice of pizza and a small drink.  Sweet deal.  I also found a record store that sold used and new records.  I ended up buying two records: one used and one “new.”  I put quotation marks around the word “new” because after closer examination, the CD case had be damaged and there was a drill hole through it’s spine.  What the hell?  Oh well, it was a few dollars cheaper than full price so I’m not one to complain.  I have a feeling I’m going to be spending a lot of time in that record store once I get settled at UCI. 

At the advising session, I was bombarded with information about applying for courses.  There are so many restrictions and rules that my head was spinning and I became nauseous.  There were acronyms for everything and my counselor gave us a billion packets of information.  Registering for classes is a lot  harder than it should be.

After all that was said and done, I called a cab to take me back to SNA where I bought some McDonalds for dinner.  It was either that or Pizza Hut.  SNA has quite a selection.  I was early, yet again so I chilled out to some Bic Runga.  It was really nice just sitting there with my noise isolating headphones on, watching people carry on.  The music provided a soundtrack to what could be a cliche romance film where a man is rushing home to his lover.  I love Bic Runga. 

Time came for boarding again and I got the window seat, as I requested.  Staring out the window was the only entertainment I had while taking off and landing.  In the row next to me, there was a family that was returning home from a Disneyland trip.  There was a little boy who was so excited about being on a plane that with every tiny movement of the airplane he would scream, “HERE WE GO! HERE WE GO!”  This continued on for 20 minutes as the plane had to back out of the terminal and head over to the designated runway.  My head started to throb and I wanted to put my headphones to block him out before I would be tempted to tell the mongrel to shut the hell up.  Once I was allowed to listen to music again, I passed the fuck out and did not regain consciousness until the flight attendant woke me up and told me to turn off my Zen because we were landing soon. 

The flight landed and I went to retrieve my luggage.  OAK decided it would be fun to pile 3 air line’s baggage into one turnstile thing.  I waited and waited and waited.  I was extremely impatient because I knew my parents were en route to pick me up and my dad would throw a fit if I wasn’t outside waiting for him.  Luckily there was a huge back up at the terminals because everyone and their mothers were picking up someone.  I finally found my parents and got in the car expecting a warm greeting.  Instead, I was welcomed with a, “You should have walked towards us faster!  I could have gotten into the left lane two cars ago!”  I miss you too, Dad. 

Now I’m finally home and can relax.  My shins feel as if they had been kicked repeatedly and I have a serious case of red-eye.  DON’T LOOK AT ME.  Now I’m going to go and pass the fuck out for the third time today.  Good night.

Editorial note:  Please excuse the reprehensible quality of the photographs taken by my Razr.  VGA is a burden on man-kind. 

PS:  My non-classical CD collection finally over took my classical CD collection. 


OK I’ll stop.  Don’t judge me. 

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