Firefighters Refuse To Put Out Fire Over $75 Fee

I read this story and I couldn’t sit passively while something so horrific happened.  Firefighters from Obion County, Tennessee, refused to put out a fire at a home because its resident didn’t pay the $75 fee to contract the fire service in South Fulton because Obion County resides outside South Fulton’s city limits.  Many rural areas do not have their own fire or police departments and rely on the neighboring city for these services.  The fire chief at the South Fulton Fire Department refused to put out a blaze at Gene Cranick’s home in Olbion County because he did not pay his $75 fee.  What’s worse is that Mr. Cranick offered to pay any amount of money for the firefighters to put out the blaze but they refused.  Cranick watched his life’s work burn to the ground.

Many commenters are appalled by this decision from the South Fulton Fire Department but some defend the decision not to put out the blaze.  That is ludicrous.  Yes, the Cranicks should have paid the $75 for fire protection but that doesn’t explain why they refused to put out the blaze when the Cranicks offered to pay any amount of money.  The decision not to put out the fire was not driven by money, but by pride.  If it were truly about money, the firefighters would have taken whatever money the Cranicks offered.  Instead, the still refused, using the Cranicks as an example for the rest of Obion County.  The message is clear.  If you do not pay the fees, we will gladly watch your house burn down.

This administration is ruling by fear and that is unacceptable.  The Cranicks lost their entire house and all of their precious belongings.  All their memories and their basic necessity, a place to call home, were stripped form them.  All because of $75 dollars.

Mrs. Chanick doesn’t blame the firefighters for not putting out the blaze because, “they’re just doing their job.”  Mrs. Chanick doesn’t blame the firefighters, but I sure do.  I, for one, would not be able to stand around and watch someone’s house burn down.  If they didn’t act, that means that they thought that $75 and sending a message to the community is more valuable than someone’s life work.  Someone’s home.

That in insanity.  How did humanity devolve into such a sad state?  I’m disgusted by this story.

[Source: WPSD 6]

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