Since my switch to a Mac, I’ve been looking for a good web browser. I am an avid Firefox user for Windows but Firefox seems to be really buggy and laggy on the Mac for some mysterious reason. I tried using Camino but it felt like a beta and there were a lot of features that I missed from Firefox. Camino has a really fast rendering engine, I’ll give it that. I also tried using the all mighty Safari but I found myself wanting more tools to help productivity. I hate how Safari doesn’t have an RSS reader in the bookmarks bar where I can just quickly glance at headlines or how I have to open a whole new tab for bookmarks. Safari is fast but really annoying in my opinion. I really wanted to like each of these browsers but I just found them lacking. Flock feels a little bloated but it works and works well. I love the integration with all my social networking sites and I can only see good things their future. If you haven’t checked out Flock, be sure to do so because you might just become enamored with it as I have.

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