Geek Squad Under Fire (Again)

Geek Squad is under fire again as The Consumerist follows a story about how a lady named Lorraine brought her laptop to the Geek Squad to fix and never saw it again. This is after The Consumerist found a Geek Squad employee stealing porn off of a customer’s computer. I know of no one who has had a pleasurable experience with the Geek Squad which is why I will never bring my computer to them or any other computer technicians. I have always been stubborn about fixing my own computers and for good reason, apparently. If you do need to bring your computer to be fixed, make sure you back up all your important data and treat the transaction as though you’ll never see your computer again. Have your reciepts and warranty information on paper and document everything meticulously so when the greasy looking computer technician looks at you and says, “Sorry. We don’t have your laptop,” you can make him wish he never touched another computer again.

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