Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

H-o-l-y crap. I watched Harry Potter last night with Anne and I was a bit blown away. I really disliked this book in the series because I thought it there was too much dialogue but the movie has made me want to reread the book and reevaluate it. I enjoyed Harry Potter Movies of the past but this one takes the cake because it was so real. By “real” I mean emotionally intense. The first four movies did a good job of establishing the story and all the jolly times Harry and his friends had at Hogwarts but The Order of the Phoenix was totally different. There wasn’t any more of that innocent kid stuff. There was pain, fear, happiness, and death.

I almost cried when Sirius died. Props to Daniel Radcliffe for that. The fight scene in the Ministry and Voldermort vs. Dumbledore had me at the edge of my seat. I stopped breathing for a while and was glued to my seat. I think it was paralysis. Anyway, I recommend this movie but for people unfamiliar with Harry Potter or are not fans of Harry Potter, you might not enjoy it as much. At least watch it so you will not be forever casted as a social outcast.

P.S. This story warms my heart. I make me a little less cynical about the world.

A little.

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