Hazy Lights

The only time when I am at a complete calm is when I am driving alone. Whenever I have a heavy heart or a heavy conscience, I go for a drive to clear my head. Tonight was no different. Feeling like a disappointment and a fuck up, I went for a drive to collect my thoughts. There is just something about driving into the sunset or seeing the city lights blur in the rear view mirror that never fails to make me slow down and appreciate the view. Feeling the car caress the curves of the road, hearing the engine rev, and the smell of exhaust disconnects me with the world and alters my perspective on whatever is bugging me. It is simple to become angry or irritated about a situation and blow up at whoever or whatever caused it.

So I drive.

Thank you, Kitty. For the milk shake and the chat that made me immeasurably better. I mean it every time when I say that you are the sweetest girl in the world.

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