Sennheiser HD 700 audiophile headphone

Headphone lust: Sennheiser HD 700

Sennheiser HD 700 audiophile headphone

Image source: Sennheiser USA

Sennheiser announced their new audiophile headphone, the HD 700 at CES today. This headphone will fill the gap between the $1,500 HD 800 flagship and the now dated HD 650 headphones. They feature 40mm dynamic drivers with a “Duoflo transducer.” It also has a very impressive 10 to 42,000 Hz frequency response. These will sure to dig deep and high for every inch of detail in your music.

The finish is a bit more understated than the HD 800 with grey everywhere instead of silver. They do look nice and modern but the Sennheiser HD 700 will face stiff competition from many different headphones in the $1,000 price range. It’ll be interesting to see how these compare to the other pair of headphones I’ve lusted after for ages, the Audeze LCD-2 Rev. 2. A battle between dynamic and orthodynamic drivers!

UPDATE: Jude of has posted his impressions/a mini review of the Sennheiser HD 700. These seem like perfect headphones who favor imaging and detail. Those who want a bit more warmth and lushness will probably like the LCD-2 better.

Source: Sennheiser USA

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  1. jebus. jude has been posting since ive been in high school. my old 600s arent old enough to be vintage, not new enough to be cool. woe is me.

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