Home Revisited

Sometimes we are too busy to notice that we are taking something for granted until we take a step back and breathe it all in. Today Kitty and I went to be tourists for the day at the Golden Gate bridge. We walked the whole length of the bridge and back while reaffirming our bond as best friends.

I love Kitty Ma. She is unequivocally the sweetest girl in the world. She makes me look like the Fuhrer.

Suicide prevention gates that only cover 0.01% of the bridge. With a $5 dollar toll, you’d think they could afford more fence.

The would-be-beautiful SF skyline. VGA can kiss my large posterior.

Check out the fog from Marin County.

Marin is a hella nice place to live and I saw many exotic cars crossing the bridge, hinting at the type of people who can afford to live there. After trekking back across the bridge, I took Mrs. Ma to visit my old stomping grounds in Cow Hollow. I miss the feeling of safety and friendliness of the area, though some people could afford to be a little less pretentious and rude to future starving college students. The shops on Union are RIDICULOUS. Everything costs an arm and a left testicle. So there is a cost to that friendly and security, and what a cost.

My shins feel as if they have been repeatedly kicked.

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