HTC Sense on HTC Dream Makes Sense

…yet Google and HTC have said in the past that the Dream would not be getting the Sense UI because of “licensing issues.” I don’t know if anyone has noticed this but the HTC Hero recently released on Sprint has it’s version of the Hero with the Sense UI with the “with Google” written on the back. If there was really a licensing issue, then why would there be a “with Google” logo written on the back of the American HTC Hero? I understand that there are hardware limitations of older phones like my Dream but it is possible to port and optimize the code to run on older hardware as you can see from the copious amounts of ROMs that use the Sense UI as a base.

Perhaps this is just HTC and Google abandoning older hardware in favor for more powerful, faster handsets. It has been reported that the Dream will not run Android 1.6, aka “Doughnut” because of hardware limitations. I am already running Doughnut on my Dream via Cyanogen’s most recent experimental ROM.
Older hardware can be supported. Unfortunately Google and HTC have stopped trying to.
Image via [Engadget]

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