I’ve been in the private beta for for a while and I like it. The interface is a little heavy on the Flash but it works alright. Hulu went out of private beta last week so everyone’s invited to check it out. This is exciting because it shows that TV studios are showing that they are trying to adapt to the times by releasing shows (thought in limited quantities) on the internet. You can even e-mail and embed them in your blog/Facebook/etc. which brings in the social aspect of Hulu. You can even clip what you want to embed on your blog, etc. Give it a spin and see if you like it, though I have to warn you that you need a pretty fast internet connection to get the best experience. You also have to sign up but that would have been a minor qualm except for the fact that your name and e-mail are set to be public as a default. Make sure to set them all to private once you sign up if you don’t enjoy getting e-mails about the best Brazilian wax, ever.

Here’s the latest episode of the Simpsons for you all to enjoy!

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