I Get Pwned Yet Again

So yesterday I went down and visited the bazaar again when I spotted the Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack. The Japanese version. My jaw dropped and I started to salivate. I had wanted that soundtrack since middle school. Final Fantasy was one of the few things that actually brought me to tears. I hardly cry at the movies and never for video games. But this video game was different. The love story along with the beautiful graphics and music struck a chord inside me and I have been in love with the game ever since. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I played more than 300 hrs on that game and beat it almost 10 times. Whether I like it or not, it has become a part of me. But I digress. I ask the man at the booth how much it was. He replied, “$32.” I made a face and put it down. I did not know if it was worth it. I went back to my dorm and let the battle in my mind play itself out. In the end, I thought it was worth it and made myself a deal. “I’m not going to go back and buy it today. I’m going tomorrow and if someone hasn’t scooped it up yet, I will buy it. If someone else had, then it wasn’t meant to be,” I said to myself. Lo and behold, it was there today! I quickly bought it and rushed back to the dorm to rip that sucker open.

I reveled in it’s beauty for a while and started to digitize it. Everything went well and I managed to rip all 4 CDs onto my computer. I uploaded it to my Vision: M and began listening to some of the most memorable tracks from the game. I reached my FAVORITE song, Suteki Da Ne, and got caught up in the sheer emotion. My eyes began to get misty when all of a sudden the track stutters. WHAT???? Then it just completely stopped 16 full seconds before the end of the song.


“WHAT THE FUCK?!?!,” I scream in my head. “Maybe it just ripped weirdly or something,” I tell myself. I pop the CD back into my computer and listen to the track raw. No ripping. I fast-forward it to the end where it stutters and stops and to my unpleasant surprise, it stutters and stop. “FUCK YOUR COUCH!,” I exclaimed at the top of my voice. I was FURIOUS. My suspicions were true. I just paid 32 bucks for a shitty ass bootleg. Actually, I take that back. This wasn’t a shitty ass bootleg. The details were done so well on the packaging and materials inside that a novice would think it’s a real deal. On closer inspection, I could see the pixilation on the printing and a few flaws on the printing of the pamphlet and CD art. All the other tracks on the soundtrack work just fine but someone up there decided to spite me and made the last, and my favorite track, not work.

Fuck your couch, bootleggers.

So I start to panic and am digging through all my available resources to see if I can find that one track. To my amazement, I find the whole bootleg album I just bought on the iTunes store. I quickly download the song but remembered that I can’t convert the song into MP3 because of Apple’s digital rights management (DRM), also known as FairPlay. That means I can’t use it on my MP3 player.

*Rant about DRM* I HATE YOU, DRM! If you were a living, breathing person, I would punch you in the face right now. It boggles my mind how corporations thing that DRM actually makes them more money. How is punishing the people who actually PAY for music going to help stop piracy? How is restricting people with doing what they with the music that they PAID for going to help your precious business plan? If someone wanted to pirate music, they wouldn’t download DRMed music! What the hell are you thinking?? The pirates who actually STEAL music will be on BitTorrent getting DRM-free music and distributing it to whomever they like. How is restricting the amount of times I can burn my songs and the amount of machines and music players I can transfer them between going to make me a happy camper so I can buy more songs from you? How does that help your God-damned business plan? How does that stop piracy? Fuck your couch, DRM. Fuck your couch.*/Rant about DRM*

At the end of the day, I got pwned.

Yet again.

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