I Paid $10 to Break My iPod Touch

After debating whether or not to buy the iPod Touch 2.0 firmware for $10, I gave in and purchased the firmware (which should be free but that’s for another post). I was excited to see all the cool new (and finalized) apps that I could use. I had jailbroken my iPod and had a bunch of great applications that I was running. After upgrading, I was met with the most regret I’ve ever faced, not just with buying a product. I say that with the utmost conviction.

Today, I spent the majority of my time, trying to fix what Apple broke. After updating to 2.0, I started expericing inconsistent wi-fi connections to my network. I know it is not my router or modem because everything else connected to the network works just fine. I also noticed that Mail stopped working. Every time I tried to access Mail, it would crash within 2 seconds. I am not the only one experiencing this.

At this point, I’m reading to call the Apple store and go off on some poor employee but I will not. They don’t deserve an earful. They didn’t develop the broken software. I have restored my iPod at least eight times today. I am trying to restore it yet again as we speak. This time I have to wipe all of my settings from the iPod and start over to see of that cures my ailments.

Everyone always talks about how Apple products just work and make fun of Windows for crashing or breaking software. Looks like it’s time for Apple (and its fanboys) to wipe that smug smile off their faces. First the iPhone activation severs go down and people were told to come back when the servers were back up.

My iPod’s broken. My brand new monitor is broken. I am not having a good week.

UPDATE: I spend 3 hours on the phone with Apple Care and they couldn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know/try. As I figured. It seems that this problem is not isolated but it seems that it is not affecting a majority of iPod Touch owners.

Strangely, my Wi-fi reception and packet loss has been improving and pages actually load 60% of the time instead of the 5% that it was a few days ago. I am quite certain that Apple is still oblivious to this and will not issue a patch any time soon. I am hedging my bets on the iPhone Dev Team to release their jailbreak of the new firmware. Hopefully the hackers can fix my problem.

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  1. I hope you fix you iPod and that your monitor comes soon. When did they say they’d ship you a new one?

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