priscilla ahn a good day vinyl

I’m back

priscilla ahn a good day vinyl

Boy, has it been a long time. As you’ve probably noticed, the last update I’ve had on this blog was almost 10 months ago! Why? Well, starting a new job is pretty stressful, plus, I’ve been preoccupied with building a PC for the past couple of months. Plus, being a tech editor makes you burnt out after a long day of staring at a CMS.

Anyway, I’m back and I hope to be updating this site with some more exciting content. One thing I’ve always been passionate about is music and audio. I love listening to music and playing around with tools that bring me closer to said music. I’ve played around with tons of audio gear over the years and I’ve reviewed a fair amount of it. Strangely, I’ve never really reviewed music. That’s going to change. I’m going to try something different and start to review records.

Vinyl is making a come back and just about every artist is releasing a record for the die-hard fan. Unfortunately, many records sound pretty terrible due to poor mastering or manufacturing. Collecting records is an expensive hobby so you want to make sure the ones you get will sound great and last. Hopefully my reviews can help you decide which records to purchase.

How about reviewing the music by itself? Sure, I may do that from time to time but I really want to stick with reviewing records because these are the albums that really mean something to me. Plus, having a physical, hardware perspective makes it a bit more interesting and something to differentiate this site from all the other music blogs.

This is going to be a fun experiment so please leave give me your feedback about what I’m doing right, doing wrong, and what you’d like to see on the site.

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