So I was skating to class today and everything was status quo. I was weaving in and out of traffic when suddenly the traffic cleared up and standing in front of me was Campus Police. The “officer” motioned me to stop and told me, “There’s no skateboarding on campus.”

Are you serious?

After he pulled me over, I see 3 other skate boarders whiz pass me. It was ridiculous. If you’re going to ban skateboarding, you have to ban bike riding too. Then everyone would be late to class all the time. Speaking of being late, I was late to class because of that incident. I was pissed to say the least.

After class I looked around and there wasn’t a cop in sight so I skated back to my dorm. Everything seemed status quo. A million skateboarders like me were weaving in and out of foot traffic.

All I have to say is when the pigs try to get at you….

get off your skateboard like it’s hot.

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