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My laptop came today! *insert Spongebob laugh* I was impressed by Dell’s service when it comes to shipping. I ordered this last Saturday and it arrived Friday. Building and shipping a laptop to a customer in under a week? IMPRESSIVE! Props goes out to UPS for the fast service. I signed up for the free 3-5 day shipping because I’m hella po and I shipped out and arrived in 2 days! WHOA! Awesome. Anyway, I digress. It was like Christmas morning except better because my family’s not really big on Christmas and we don’t usually get presents.
First impression about the packaging is that Dell could use some work in this department. I was swimming in a sea of cardboard when I was finished unpacking everything. There was no cool packaging like you find wrapped around new MP3 players. I did like the graphic of this poor bloke choking on the bag though. For some reason I don’t think everyone will understand what that graphic is conveying. Perhaps some words would be more direct.
So here she is in all her glory. The design is pretty contemporary and pleasing to the eye. The white gloss trim is the best part about it. The silver parts lack a gloss finish. I wish the silver part was actually made of magnesium or brush aluminum but plastic is lighter which helps because this behemoth weighs in at 8 lbs. You might be thinking I’m crazy for lugging such a huge thing around but the fact of the matter is that I’m going to keep this on my desk most of the time. I’ll only move it when I return home on vacations. Plus I’ll get a work out from lugging it around anyway. I find it quite hilarious that my sister’s old Inspiron 8600 15 inch notebook weighs more than my 17 inch. How technology advances. :D
I opened her up and beheld the enormous screen. I was mesmerized by it and probably stared at it for a few good minutes. After getting used to the 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio, it felt strange staring at my old 4:3 analog monitor. Once you go wide, you’ll never go back. The screen was impressive but it would have been more impressive if it opted for the TrueLife screen which has a higher resolution and a gloss finish but alas, I don’t have another 120 to spare.

Do me in the butt.

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I spent the rest of the afternoon erasing the stupid AOL software that comes with every Dell and customized everything to my liking. Media Center is hella pimp when and if I ever decide to network everything in my house. It’ll be a hot setup. Media Center can do everything XP can but activating MC makes browsing for everything easier and more appealing to the eye. I configured my machine to be stupid fast and so far, it hasn’t been fazed at anything I’ve thrown at it. She should wear well with age. Hopefully new software won’t demand too much from the system. I know Vista will though… I’m still going to get it when it comes out in January.

I also enjoy the fact that I have Bluetooth. I paired it with my phone and made calls through my computer. WHOA. OK it’s not that cool but having Bluetooth opens up my options for a myriad of wireless peripherals. I also really enjoy the blue, blacklit media controls. They are very convenient.

So far, I have no complaints about the build quality of the laptop except for the fact that the lock feels fragile and that there was a lack of accessories that came with the system. So in conclusion, I’m satisfied. I just hope she doesn’t break or become engulfed in flames.

Here’s me being a ‘tard, as usual.


To A.B.: Don’t worry, I checked out the battery and it’s not maufactured by Sony any more. Made in Korea. :P If you have a Dell and have not heard about the manditory battery recall, go and visit this site.

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