Learning to Fly

So I’ve finally settled down and got my internet working. I had so much problem with the school network that my computer ceased to function for over 12 hrs until I brought it down to the tech help on campus. I was so stressed and in a foul mood for as long as my laptop was out of comission. Anyway, college isn’t that scary. You just have to take it a day at a time and be patient. You can’t expect everything to go smoothly and expect to live as you’ve been in high school. We all will adapt. We have to.

I do admit that I am already a little homesick. I miss all of my friends.

Here are some pictures of my dorm room.

Thanks for the collage and sweet “Techno King” sign, Kitty and Ally! Gives my room a little flavor.

And this is the douchy ass picture I took for my ID that I had to stand over an hour in line for. I was not a happy camper by the time I had my photo taken so don’t judge me.

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