Mabook/Macbook Pro Keyboard Updates

Apple released a software update for their Macbook and Macbook Pros because customers have been experiencing problems with the sensitivity of the keyboards.  I myself have experienced this annoyance.  The first time I tried typing on my Macbook, I complained about how “squishy” and unresponsive the keyboard felt but I’m happy to report that the software update did something to the sensitivity of the keyboard and now I’m typing just fine, although the keyboard is still “squishy” in my opinion.  I also noticed that the chassis of the Macbook is really weak in that if you lift it from a corner, the opposite corner sags under it’s own weight.  Hopefully this flaw will be addressed in the future, which might not be too far off as MacWorld is only a few weeks away!  I’m excited.

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3 thoughts on “Mabook/Macbook Pro Keyboard Updates”

  1. where do you get this software update? it’s probably a stupid question, but I’m new to Mac after using Windows all my life. The keyboard is driving me crazy. I keep hitting keys that don’t produce letters on the screen!

  2. @say what?

    The updates are automatic. If you bought your Mac recently, you probably already have the keyboard firmware update. To double check, just open up the Software Update under the Apple icon in the menu bar and check for updates. Your computer should usually detect any updates and prompt you to install them when they are available.

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