Mac Clone: A Poke in the Eye for Job, a C&D for Psystar

Image via Gizmodo

OK, I usually don’t get excited about a lot of things but this has got me hot and bothered. A company named Psystar has released a Mac Clone for $399 and up. It’s basically PC hardware that can run the OS X kernel natively, meaning you can run Leopard without a problem. They’ll even throw in a Leopard install disc for you, for an additional cost of course. If I had some money to burn, I would hop on this right now and especially before Apple comes down on Psystar with an iron fist, which probably has already happened seeing as Psystar’s website is down…

Poo, Apple! I want freedom from your hardware! Stop monopolizing it!

1 thought on “Mac Clone: A Poke in the Eye for Job, a C&D for Psystar”

  1. I have mixed emotions about this topic. I agree that being able to buy or build a hackintosh would be amazing. However, I really feel (I’m pretty much stating the obvious here) that one of the reasons why Apple has such a great OS and great software is because of the fact that they control the hardware being used.

    I’m still hesitant to buying or building one of these just because you’d lose that support factor, and I’d hate it if every update I was wondering if my hackintosh was going to work or not.

    But being a PC builder at heart, I’d love for someone to perfect the hackintoshes so I could build a super cheap Mac!

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