Me? Learning? Yeah, Right!

*Lecture is back up and running! Enjoy!*

The following is two excerpts combined into one MP3 from my Asian American Studies class taught by the hilarious John Liu. This is definitely my favorite class. Be patient as the lecture seems to be a bit boring at first but I swear it gets better.

Today’s lecture was thoroughly enjoyable except these two fools,

proceeded to talk and giggle amongst themselves. I had half the nerve to tell Harold and Kumar to keep it the fuck down. These two are the stereotypical nerds of every college. They’re the type to wear pocket protectors and carry around a graphing calculator with them where ever they go.

I also had my International Journalism class today which made me even more cynical about the world, if that’s even possible. One thing I learned is that for reporters and journalists to report on a story, they need access to sources and materials and often times these sources and materials are guarded by the government. If the government or someone with a lot of power does not like the way you’re telling the story, the they will find a way to black list you and stop you from publishing any findings because you can’t get access. This is a very sneaky way of silencing people and crushing their 1st Amendment right of free speech. Our civil liberties are slowly being stripped away and no one’s doing anything about it because no one feels that they can do anything about it. I certainly feel that way. I am bitter and cynical and I’m going to grow old and alone because of it and will raise 20 dogs before PETA steps in and takes them all away from me.

Also, the inevitable happened today. While I was walking down the hall to my class, I walked into a door that someone was pushing open to get out. My natural instinct was to push the door away but that action ended up pushing the door AND the person behind it. The end result was that I shoved a girl backward. I apologized and walked away laughing at my idiocy in my head.

Some things never change.

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