What is with the American obsession with the Modern Language Association of America’s style of formatting a paper? Do other countries have something similar to the MLA format where a paper is not taken seriously if it is not in a certain format? To my surprise, some professors will not even look at your paper if your paper is not formatted in the MLA format. Even if the date is written in the American style of day/month/year, you will not be taken seriously and your paper will be thrown into the trash.


How can you value the format of a paper more than the content of the paper? That is just absurd to me. The point of going to college and school in general is to learn and expand your mind and to put your ideas out there to be edited and expanded upon by your professors. It is unfair and counterintuitive in our education system to nit pick about a format of the paper. I know it is easier for everyone to follow one format and that it establishes credibility but I would like to think that your credibility will shine through your writing. I am not advocating getting rid of the MLA standard and I do think that everyone should cite their sources the same way to keep everything consistent and easy to manage but this nitpicking is just ABSURD!

Am I out of line? Please chime in.

2 thoughts on “MLA”

  1. Even though I absolutely love consistency, (in most scenarios) I completely agree. It is pretty ridiculous. I feel like my teachers sometime grade more on the stupid formatting than the actual content.

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  2. Yeah your professor is a little bogus. The HUMCORE TAs were like that whenever they collected our papers. No one wanted to fuck with them when it came to our final research paper…God forbid.

    Screw MLA/APA formats! How different are they anyways?

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