mr carmack aka aaron carmack

Music Spotlight: mr. carmack

mr carmack aka aaron carmack

When I’m working, I can’t listen to music with lyrics because it’s distracting. Electronic, beats, and trap music are perfect for getting me through the day and that’s how I stumbled upon mr. carmack. Aaron Carmack is a Honolulu-based DJ and producer with four full-length albums that are all very good. His beats vary from deep trap to soothing melodic wanderings.

One of my favorite tracks is off his Melodies Vol. 1 album called “2084.” The 8-bit sounds make it sound like nerdcore mixed with dance music. Have a listen below.

If straight up trap music is more your taste, check out “Muney (Gimme Dat) ft. Trap Arnold” from his album Bang Vol. 3.

What I like most about Carmack is the variation in his music. He’s got some great head-bobbing tracks but he’s not afraid to slow things down either.

If you like his stuff, you can buy his albums on Bandcamp. You can follow his latest work on Soundcloud.

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