My American Heart and Sherwood

As part of Welcome Week, UCI booked My American Heart and Sherwood to play a small, intimate concert for the freshies. I went it was it freakin’ awesome. My American Heart wasn’t there in full but they still managed to rock out to some chill ass acoustic versions of their songs. It was cool to see them again in concert.

Sorry about the shitty quality VGA camera, guys.

I’ve never heard Sherwood’s stuff until today but they rocked so hard on stage that I had to support them and bought a tight ass polo.

They were very entertaining to watch perform. Especially the keyboardist because of his exaggerated dance moves and because he would throw his tambourine 30 ft in the air and jumped on his band member’s drum set. The bassist also rocked so hard that he fell down and continued to play.

There was also some crazy antics when some random lady started dancing right in front of the left speaker. Everyone cracked up and started to take pictures. The band even thanked her for her audacity and support. There was also some dumbass frat dude who went up to the stage and started to convulse. It was funny for about the first minute and then became stupid.

You can see the lady who started to dance in the corner near the left speaker in the blue and red.

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