My ASS turned to JELLO

Well I’m back from Irvine and feeling a little exhausted and a lot dumber. I thought I did OK on the placement tests but after reviewing my scores, I didn’t, apparently. I’m seriously reconsidering what I want to do with the rest of my life. Is engineering really for me? I mean my writing is so much better than my math but at the same time, geometry and math needed to build stuff comes naturally to me. Journalism seems really fun and more of my thing. My dream job would be to work for Cnet or some automobile magazine writing articles and reviews so maybe I should dip my toes in both of those fields. All-in-all, I feel like a dumbass.

On a happier note, the writing test was bearable. They gave us a whopping 2 hrs to write 4 1/2 pages on an excerpt from a book. The topic was pretty interesting as well. It discussed how the Miller family stayed in their home even though their house got hit by 3 different tornadoes over the years and how rooting yourself in one place allows you to build your self-identity which in turn allows you to empathize and appreciate the people and places around you better. It addressed how staying put does not mean you have to stay put in your ideas. Rooting yourself in a place is much more beneficial than rooting yourself in ideas. The author pretty much stated the obvious but it was the type of thing that was so obvious that no one ever pays it any mind but when it is stated plain as day, it gets a person thinking. I think that was the first test where I used all of the writing space and finished 3/4 of the way in. Maybe I’m more cut out to be a writer. Or maybe not because I got a 2 on my AP English exam. But that’s a different kind of writing. ANALYZING POETRY IS LESS FUN THAN DROWNING. Seriously.

I’m beginning to like UC Irvine more and more. I sat down in the local student strip mall thingy and it had a UCSD feel to it. Maybe I’m just delusional.

Check it out, guys. I found Chalmers standing on top of a building while driving on highway 5. I wonder what he’s doing all the way down in Irvine…

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