Official Google Voice App, Finally On The iPhone

After many years, Apple has finally scratched off one reason not to go to an Android phone.  The official Google Voice app has finally landed in the Apple App Store.  For the most part, the app is great, though I would like to see some areas of improvement.  I have been using GV Connect by Andreas Amann for the last few months and it has been working flawlessly in conjunction with Boxcar for push notifications.

Is the official Google Voice App enough to replace my beloved GV Connect?  In most ways, yes.  The Google Voice seems to receive messages much more quickly than Boxcar.  It’s almost instantaneous.  I also like that the Google Voice app dials directly instead of calling your phone with your own Google Voice number and then picking up.  GV Connect does have direct dialing too but it often didn’t work or was buggy.

Speaking of bugs, I downloaded Google Voice yesterday but it kept crashing and wouldn’t load.  I had to uninstall and reinstall it but everything seems to be working perfectly now.

What I would like to see Google improve on this app are quicker refreshes of texts and the ability to change the ringtone for notifications.  I would also like them to remove the mandatory action to press the “OK” button after sending a text.  Thank you for sending my text out, now please dismiss yourself.

I would also like to see Google allow more options in the settings tab.  So far there is nothing you can do under settings other than log out.  I would like to be able to add more forwarding numbers and change the Do Not Disturb settings from within the app.  That way I am not tied to the desktop version of the Google Voice site to change such settings on the go.  Over all it’s a great app and I’m going to be pissed if Apple pulls it.  Again.

More settings please.
OK thanks. Now go away.

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