Olympic Ignoramuses: I’m talking to you, Spain and Argentina

I am infuriated by the picture of the Spanish basketball team using their fingers to pull back the skin of their eyes to make the “chink eye” look. This photo was run as an advertisement in Spain. If that wasn’t enough, the Spanish tennis team was caught striking the same, offensive pose, pouring salt on the wound. What the hell is going on? The pose is offensive to Asians everywhere as many of our eyes do not even look slanted. No one in my family has slanted eyes and we’re full blooded Chinese. For people who have slanted eyes, this is even more offensive. It is as if these teams are mocking the Chinese, and possibly Asians in general, for having this biological trait.

What’s worse, I learned today that the Argentinian football players were caught striking the same pose. WHAT THE HELL?? Is this becoming the new “thing” people do in China? Offend their gracious hosts?

There has been no retraction or apology from these teams. Are they truly ignorant as to how offensive their gestures are or do they just have blatant disregard for the feelings of Asians?

[via Chicago Tribune, Gawker, and Telegraph.co.uk]

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  1. I am an overseas chinese who has lived in several countries including South America and have come to know first hand the attitudes of people from many spanish countries, so let’s drop all pretenses and call black black and white white. I will start by pointing out that latin people are no better or worse than any other people and not all latinos are racists; nevertheless, to all the latinos who argue what is the big deal, this is only an affectionate gesture, I say to you, if you are a racist at least have the courage and backbone to admit it, don’t be a coward and argue that it is a sign of affection; if that is a sign of affection so is someone flipping his middle finger to you! I have lived amongst you, I know your cultures and I know what is in your hearts. You make these slanty-eyed gestures only to insult and express your derogatory attitude, prejudice, and disrespect to the chinese people and other asians. How do you explain the observation that the 3 teams that have made slanty-eyes gestures are all spanish speaking? is this a mere coincidence or is this a pattern in spanish cultures in general? Are Gasol, Calderon, and the entire Spanish men’s and women’sbasketbal teams as well as the argentinian women’s soccer team just individual cretinos y cretinas malcriadas or do they reflect the general ugly racist attitudes that all spaniards find difficult to hide? Is it a mere coincidence that the spaniards and the argentinians share the same culture and have the same racist attitudes? remember, when you wear your countries jerseys your actions will be interpreted as reflecting the attitudes of your entire people. If you have something stupid to say or some obnoxious action to show the world, have the common sense to take off your country’s jersey and do it as an individual and not as a representative of your nation or the world will conclude that you come from a nation of retarded narcissistic and superficial cretins who have no respect for people who look different than you.
    By the way, I fail to see anything special about the looks of those people making the gestures, they are all very plain looking and are certainly no beauty queens, in fact one of the argentinian girls should do a DNA test for asian genes, all in all I only see lots of stupidity and a definite lack of proper upbringing; Que desgracia a sus familias!

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