Hope in the worst possible time to try and become a journalist

Editor's note: The previous quarter was tough. It was the first quarter in which I took classes that actually required me to do reporting. I had to interview several people multiple times and on my own time. My instructors gave me limited help with my writing and no help with finding subjects. I stretched my… Continue reading Hope in the worst possible time to try and become a journalist

This is what happens when everyone goes home for the Memorial Day Weekend ---------->Free reign on the bandwidth!!! So the actual line they get to the building is pretty decent. It's just the fact that it's not meant to accommodate the ENTIRE apartment building with over a hundred students connected to it at the same… Continue reading

The Fall

Last night Anne and I went to watch The Fall at the local indie theater. From the trailer, I could tell it would be a visual masterpiece and I wasn't far off. The entire movie was extremely pretty and there was so many little artistic details throughout the movie that made me really appreciate what… Continue reading The Fall

My Bad…

"A host associated with your UCInetID recently consumed a large amount of bandwidth on the UCInet Mobile wireless network. The host transfered approximately 5.5 GB on Saturday and another 6.5 GB of data yesterday. When using the UCInet network, remember that there is a 1 GB daily limit on campus bandwidth for personal use. If… Continue reading My Bad…